3 tips from Pye Jirsa to take photos from a different perspective

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3 Mobile Photography tips from a famous photographer

Pye Jirsa is a famous photographer in the wedding photography industry. He also is the founder of SLR Lounge, a place to learn photography.

He shows us 3 simple techniques you can use to take photos from a different perspective using your mobile phone.

  • Glass prism
  • Live Photo for Long Exposure
  • Reflection from another phone screen

Glass prism is used as a prop to shoot creative portraits. It can also be used to bring in rays of colourful light. In this Instagram reel, he shows you how to place the subject in the centre and create a portrait with reflections.

If you have an Apple phone, you should be aware of live photos. Using Live photos, he shows you that there is an option of Long Exposure. If you are a person who loves milky waterfalls, and dreamy waterscapes, you should try this feature.

Using the secondary phone to get a neat reflection of the subject by placing them near a window that brings in beautiful light. Make sure you are standing in a space where it is dark compared to the window area.


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