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Add your signature as watermark on your mobile photos

by Antony Pratap

How cool would it be to have your own handwriting as a signature watermark on the photos you share with your friends, social networks, etc.. You can now easily add your signature on your photos taken using your smartphone.

Certain apps have only standard font styles, but watermark app, eZy Watermark lite (free) can turn your signature into watermarks that you can easily apply on your photos. It saves them as Templates so you could access them easily and apply it on your photos. It also saves pictures in three different resolutions and lets you easily share your photos on social networks like Facebook and Instagram.

Download eZy Watermark for iOS / iPhones.

Download eZy Watermark for Android phones.

How to make my handwriting as a signature logo?

1. After downloading it, launch the app.

2. Tap on the Plus icon to notice that there are no Templates saved yet. Now, tap the Plus icon on the top-right, and then tap Library to choose the photo you wish to watermark.

3. Tap on Autograph to make the signature.

4. On this screen, use the tip of your finger to write your signature. Use the tools below to format your text well.

5. Once you are done, tap the Tick on the top-right, to save it as a Template. If you click on Save or other icons, you may have to buy the app as their are a paid feature.

6. You will now see your signature on the photo. Use the tools on the left, to make it look creative. Use the Plus and Minus signs to control Opacity (transparency) of the new logo. Tap the Tick icon when done.

7. Notice the signature saved under Templates.

8. You can also browse to other photos and get this template applied.

9. Tap the logo to select and adjust it’s settings on the left according to the picture and tap the Tick icon.

You can create multiple handwritings and save them as a template to use them on different photos.

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