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Best tips for Smartphone or Mobile Photography

by Antony Pratap
Mobile photography tips, tricks and tutorials

7 wonderful tips from Saurav Sinha

Saurav, in his video, explains how to take macro photos, photos with blurred backgrounds, HDR like photos, time-lapse tips, compositions to take a picture, manual mode in native camera settings in your mobile phone, and long exposure tips. Below are the points he explains:

  1. Macro and Bokeh using Manual focus
  2. Exposure Bracketing or HDR using Photoshop
  3. Timelapse using tripod
  4. Composition using guidelines
  5. Manual mode by changing shutter speed or ISO interpreting Histogram
  6. Low-light and Long exposure

Watch the video:

7 simple tips from COOPH

You will find the most neglected feature Pano being used creatively, pano while in a car, using a zoom lens to take a photo, macro photography without lens, taking better lit portraits, taking selfies without the phone in hand, and a trick to take underwater photos.
  1. Panorama Sequence using panning technique
  2. Pano drive-by using motion
  3. Zoom using the zoom lens
  4. Macro feature with a drop of water
  5. Shooting using a reflector
  6. Tripod and shutter cable
  7. Underwater photos using an empty glass

serge Ramelli Photography

In this video the best tip I loved is, how Serge uses a printed background to achieve blurred background or bokeh to take photos of flowers.

Take better photos using your iPhone by Peter McKinnon

Peter is humorous and presents his video in style with good content. In this, he shows you how to take amazing photos of food, and also edit the photo professionally using Snapseed, and Lens Distortion.


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