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10 ideas to capture a burning candle flame using your mobile

by Antony Pratap
Indoor mobile photography ideas and tips

The simplest and easiest indoor mobile photography tip you can have is to capture a candle burning artistically or in a creative manner. Mostly everybody would have a candle at home. Try different ways to think through how to capture the beautiful light during the night in the darkness or play with shadows et all. When there is no power you can unleash your creative mind to see light differently and capture the frame and edit it using Snapseed or Lightroom to show what you wanted to create.

What you would need: 

Obviously, a candle and a light.

A place with no hindrance to wind.

Mobile phone with a clean camera.

Optional: you could have some apps like Lightroom or other camera apps.


Different scenes or ways to make you think to capture the candle or the flame itself (ensure safety with the things around first):

  1. You can capture a still flame.
  2. Capturing the candle placing it horizontal.
  3. Capture the burning candle by framing it keeping it in the center and giving enough space all around it making a big frame.
  4. Zoom in a tad bit or use a macro lens to capture the burning wick.
  5. Place the candle in between elements to get a different frame.
  6. Capture the matchstick burning in high shutter speed.
  7. Hold the capture in your hand.
  8. Place an element in the front of the candle to capture it with the element and the flame.
  9. Try and capture the smoke in different ways.
  10. Capture a candle melting using Timelapse.


Settings to use:

Turn on the camera and hold the mobile phone steady.

On your screen, touch the flame for the camera to focus.

Drag the brightness/exposure slider up and down to increase the intensity of the flame to achieve different effects.


Few videos to learn how to:


Few inspirations of this photography trick are listed here from Instagram:



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