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Capture the details

by Antony Pratap
Use mobile to capture the details

Shoot the details.

Watch closely, there’s so much wonder happening around. Get your mobile camera close and frame the little details which will mesmerise you.

Macro photography using Mobile camera

The above shot was taken while I was strolling on the beach shores of Gokarna, India.

iPhone shot.

Lightroom mobile edit.

How do you get such details using a mobile camera?

It’s quite simple. Keep your eyes open, and watch around, observe.

  1. Make sure your mobile phone camera lens is clean.
  2. Hold the mobile as close as possible to the subject / surface, etc.
  3. Touch to allow the camera to focus.
  4. Preview on the screen if it’s sharp.
  5. Tap to take a picture.

Take multiple shots. You can review them later and choose the best that has all the details you love.

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