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Creating an artistic photo using grape cluster

by Antony Pratap
Mobile photography using grapes cluster by Vivek Nigam

You could make an image with anything that is around you, all you have to do is look. If you have a mobile with you, that’s the best for mobile photography.

Vivek Nigam as nigamclicks on Instagram took a grape cluster and made it look like a branch that has tiny light bulbs hanging off it. I totally love his feed and I can see his passion for mobile photography. You can follow his Instagram for more ideas that you can use to shoot mobile photography.

He has used the RedMi K20 Pro mobile to make this beautiful image.

This mobile phone features 48 megapixels with f1.8, and a 26mm wide lens.
8 megapixels with f2.4 and 53mm for telephoto.
Pop-up 20 megapixels f2.2 selfie camera.

Check more about the RedMi K29 Pro

What is required to make a photo like this: (This is just his idea, you can try this or think and use other things to take a creative picture)

  • Grape cluster or the stalk with the grapes removed so that it has the head shape on the ends.
  • A sprayer to get the water droplets to hang.
  • A sunset or a bright light source from the opposite end.

Behind the scenes of making this image:


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A post shared by Vivek Nigam (@nigamclicks)

Photos from his making:

You can see that he is spraying water onto the cluster to make the water droplets hang on the edges.

Vivek Nigam uses grapes stalk to take a beautiful photo using his mobile


He then tries to get the sunset light pass through the water droplets and gets an under-exposed shot. This can be achieved by tapping on the screen, once you get the focus, you can drag the brightness slider down to achieve the result you prefer.

Mobile photography of sunset using grapes cluster

A fantastic idea to get a moody picture while you are enjoying a sunset on your terrace.

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