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Creating a custom Look and saving it as a preset in Snapseed

by Antony Pratap
Name the Look you created in Snapseed

By now mostly all of you would be aware that the latest Snapseed app has a feature called Looks, which acts like a preset, where you open a photo and tap on a Look and the effect is applied right there.

In this post, I’m going to show you how to create a custom Look and have it saved. This will be called Basic Corrections, which would be required to apply on any photo. The corrections would include, Fine Tune, Details, and Vignette (if required). You can perform any task you like and save them as a Look to be able to access those settings in one-click.

How to create a Look and save it under Looks in Snapseed:

1. Open the photo using Snapseed.

Use Snapseed to open the photo you took

2. Tap the Tools at the bottom to access the settings to edit the photo.

Edit the image using Snapseed to save them as a look

3. Do some basic corrections, like increasing colour, contrast, shadows, etc.Fine Tune image to save as a Look or a Preset in Snapseed

4. Also, add some details to the photo.

Try to do some basic corrections to the image

5. I added a bit of vignette also to the new Look I’m going to create.

You can save it later as a Look on Snapseed app

6. Apply the settings, and tap the Looks section. Scroll all the way to the right, you will notice a + sign. Tap the + sign.

Creating a Look in Snapseed so you could edit your photos in one-click

7. Give this look a new name. It could be anything, if you did some edits in black and white, call it ‘My monochrome style’. I called this look as Basic Corrections.

Name the Look you created in Snapseed

8. Your new look will be added to the Looks section. Notice it will on the bottom strip. Every time you choose a photo, and tap this look, the same effect is going to apply. (It is like creating presets in Lightroom)

New Look created and saved

9. Next to the + sign, tap the three dots. This will allow you to manage the Looks you have created. You can either edit them, or delete them.

Create your own Look in Snapseed

10. You can now export your photo.

After applying the Look, export your photo

Photo exported successfully

My final photo with the basic corrections on it. Likewise, you can create any kind of look you want.

How Looks work

Give it a shot!

Download for Android phones.

Download for iOS (Apple phones).

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