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What is a dual camera mobile phone and how does it work?

by Antony Pratap
What is dual camera mobile phones

Remember dual sim mobile phones? Now, think what a dual camera mobile phone could be. No! A dual camera phone does not take two different photos at a time 🙂

Today’s photography world loves more of ‘bokeh.’ Bokeh is the area in a photo which is not in focus, also called as ‘Depth of field.’ Photos taken with a DSLR, with the subject in focus and a blurred background which could have beautiful patterns, that is called bokeh.


What is dual camera mobile phones

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The mobile technology world is trying even bit to bring this to you through the device you use most, your mobile phone. Thus, it started in the making.

How does dual cameras work in a smartphone?

Most smartphones these days are equipped with dual or two camera lens having their own sensors. Both these cameras are placed mostly side by side on the rear side of the mobile phone. The idea is to be able to take better quality photos and to create the bokeh effect.

Somebody thought about it, and wham! All the leaders in the smartphone manufacturing industry started releasing their own models.

Basically, one camera focusses on the subject, the other defocuses the area around the subject. Depending on what type or shape of light it is exposed to, it creates the bokeh.

Note: This is only when you use a small Aperture. 

Advantages of dual lens camera in smartphones

  1. Greater depth of field in photos
  2. Faster focus
  3. Refocus ability
  4. Better picture clarity

Check out more dual-camera lens photos by different mobiles:

Huawei Mate 9

iPhone 7

Samsung Galaxy Note 8

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