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How to edit your cat’s portrait using Snapseed

by Antony Pratap
Mobile photography editing

Snapseed v. 2.18 has changed it’s user interface.

In this post I’m going to show you how to edit a simple portrait of a pussy cat using the latest Snapseed version 2.18 on an iPhone.

Before / After:

Mobile photography editing

Download for Android phones.

Download for iOS (Apple phones).

How the photo was taken:

The cat behaved well by not moving much. Hold the mobile with still hands and get as close as you can and make a frame and tap to capture the photo.

How to edit:

1. Launch Snapseed and open the photo you would like to edit. At the bottom you will notice new filters. Just tap on the appropriate one you may think that is good.

Note: Instagram allows you to control the amount of filter you want to impose on your photo by swiping left or right. In Snapseed it is called Looks, and it does not apply on Snapseed.

Mobile photography using Snapseed

2. I have chosen the filter, Morning. It gives a nice warm feel. This Look / preset may not be apt for all images. You have to tap on each one of them and have a look at your photo if it has dramatically improved.  Tap the tick to apply.

Mobile photography

3. Next tap the Tools to access a wide-range of controls you could use to fine tune your photo.

Settings on Snapseed app

4. Use the available settings provided by scrolling up and down to select them, and by swiping left or right to apply them.

Adjust exposure in Snapseed app

5. Next tap the Brush, and make sure Dodge and Burn brush is selected.

Settings on Snapseed app


Snapseed allows you to Dodge and burn

6. Here, I want to add some light into the cat’s eye to make the photo pop. Choose the brush and slightly brush over the eye. You may want to zoom into the area you want to brush.

Exposure, dodge and burn settings in Snapseed

7. Once you are done, tap the Curves tool. This tool also provides you with some presets. Just tap on them to see if anything is interesting.

Using the curves tool


8. You can tap the eye icon to make the curves disappear to have a better look at the photo.

Remember, you can touch the photo to see a before and release to see an after. Keep looking at it to know how much of a progress you have made.

9. You can either save it as a .jpg by exporting it, or you can save it in other formats if you wish to edit the same photo in the future.After editing, export a photo

Here’s the final edit:

Final edit of the portrait using Snapseed app

Hope you liked the edit. If you don’t have Snapseed, you can easily download it from the links below.

Download for Android phones.

Download for iOS (Apple phones).

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