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How to edit a sunrise landscape shot using Instagram

by Antony Pratap
Instagram editing: Sunrise shot

I had to stumble upon a good friend who uses Instagram a lot and was surprised she didn’t know about the ‘Edit‘ option in Instagram apart from the filters.

I understand people use Instagram to apply a filter and upload. As you would have noticed by now, I personally do not prefer applying filters, unless I wish to make creative or an artistic picture. If it is towards photography like travel, street, product, landscapes, I keep it #nofilter.

This photo which I’m going to show you how to edit is an early morning sunrise shot at Coonoor, Tamilnadu – India. The photo was shot directly into the sun. Due to the strong light, the foreground and other areas tend to become dark due to exposure. Watch me edit bringing out the details from the dark areas. I must say or agree that the details will not be recovered intact, it tends to add noise but it’s worth a try!

BEFORE Watch me edit sunrise using Instagram


AFTER Instagram Editing - Sunrise photography



Launch Instagram and open the sunrise photo you may have and click Edit.

Launch and open the image on Instagram


Tap the Lux option on the top. This is a very useful option introduced by Instagram in it’s 2.1 version. If your photo is underexposed it automatically fixes it and adds a nice contrast. You can also move the slider to see what happens to the photo. Use the Lux option in Instagram


Tap Highlights. I usually prefer to reduce highlights. You can move the slider and see what suits your photo best. Learn to edit using Instagram


Tap Shadows. I usually prefer to increase shadows to throw light into the dark areas.

Instagram editing - increase shadows


Tap Contrast. Adding a bit of more contrast can add a punch to your photo.

Instagram editing: Increase contrast in your photo


Tap Saturation. Increase colours in your photo.

Use saturation feature in Instagram


Tap Warmth. Since it’s a sunset photo, increasing a bit of warmth (sunlight colour) to add some drama.

Instagram editing: Add sunlight to your photo


Tap Brightness. Increase a bit of brightness in your photo.

Add brightness using Instagram


Tap Structure.

Use the Structure option to edit in Instagram

Click Done, and click Next and post the photo on Instagram.

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