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Girl with the wings – panorama mobile photography trick

by Antony Pratap
Cool mobile photography ideas to try

Panorama in mobile photography is elongated images horizontally or vertically capturing more of the scene. Most of us use horizontal panorama, the reason being our eyes see from left to right. I have observed this in many of my friends who start taking their shots from the extreme left to right.

Apart from horizontal, you can also do the same vertically by moving the camera in panoramic mode from top to down, or down to top. You can try these to get different perspectives of the scene.

In this post, you will see how Jordi Koalitic is using the vertical panoramic mode technique and capturing a surreal image where there is a girl standing with wings. I am sure you would be following Jordi Koalitic on Instagram. If you are not, you must go now. He is known for his creative photography for which he reveals the making too.

You can also try this technique with other elements using your own imagination.

The image:

Simple vertical panning shot using mobile phone


How did he do it:

Find a spot in a way that you and your subject are facing the sun. The subject’s shadow should fall right behind him/her. Now, stand in an elevated area like a wall, stairs, or use a ladder to capture the shadow and the full image.

Jordi Koalitic shooting the girl with wings


Get the subject to hold the wings wide open.

Girl with wings - shadow shot trick


Turn on the camera, and switch to Pano mode, and tilt it horizontally to move from the bottom to top.

Horizontal pano mode using mobile phone camera


Tap the start button and move along the guideline which is yellow till you cover the subject. Once you reach half of the subject with the wings in the shadow, you can now stop moving the camera.

Ask the subject to hide the wings in a way that it is not visible to the mobile phone camera.

Now, continue moving along the guideline to move upwards to complete the shot adding a bit of the scene which is the sky here to make it more dramatic.

View this video to know how it is done:

Follow this amazing artist on their Instagram, Jordi Koalitic.

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