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How I edited an up close photo using my mobile

by Antony Pratap
Snapseed tutorials

On a rainy day, I happened to notice these black ants running around for shelter which got me to take this photo. I kept my iPhone as close as possible with steady hands, and took a series of pictures. I really loved the macro effect, though I used only the native camera and native camera app.

Before and after: (Photo edited using Snapseed)

Snapseed tutorials


Download for Android phones.

Download for iOS (Apple phones).

How the photo was edited:

1. Launch Snapseed and open the photo from your camera roll or gallery.

Notes: If you are using Snapseed on iOS, this is how you open a photo to edit.

Tap to open the photo from your mobile or access the camera to take a photo and then edit it. Most times, you will not launch Snapseed, take a photo and start editing it. However, you would have taken multiple photos of a scene or product, or a person which is generally a good practise as we suggest in our tips and tutorials; post which you will edit using your favourite app.

Open a photo using Snapseed app


What I noticed in Snapseed is, after you choose a photo, you get to the screen below which allows you to start the editing process.

What if you would like to choose another photo? 

Snapseed editing tips

Snapseed does not allow you to swipe and choose another photo you would like to edit. It also does not have a close button to close this photo and to go back to choose another photo. Rather the option is, you will have to tap Open again, which will bring up the options at the bottom.

Snapseed tips and tutorials

2. Use one of the options you have in Looks and see if you like the effect.

Snapseed editing tips

3. Tap the Tools and tap Tune Image.

Settings on Snapseed app


4. Use the Tune Image option and play around with the sliders until you get the desired effect, and tap the tick icon to apply.

Fine tune the settings on Snapseed app

Snapseed latest version editing

5. Tap Export at the bottom. The latest version of Snapseed has two options: Share and Open in.

You can share it to any other app using Snapseed

6. Latest features in the new Snapseed app.

You can now share your photos after editing to your social networks like Facebook, Instagram, and also share it via email, and more.

Snapseed now allows you to share your photos

Post editing, you can also export the photo to other apps in your mobile for further editing.

Hope you enjoyed the editing. If you do not have Snapseed, you can easily download it from the links below.

Download for Android phones.

Download for iOS (Apple phones).

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