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How I got my top / best 9 Instagram photos of 2018 in a grid

by Antony Pratap

As we come to the end of the year 2018, you would have noticed many people on Instagram posting their best 9 photos from their Instagram account. If you wondered how to get your top nine photos like me, then this post would be helpful.

I searched for top nine posts on Instagram and found this: Top Nine on Google Play store and Top Nine for iOS (iPhones).

This app seemed to have good ratings and reviews.

Here’s what I did:

  1. Searched for it on Google Play store.

2. Installed the app and launched it.

3. Typed in my Instagram handle (@101mobilephotography). Then Continue.

4. Keyed in my email address.

5. Viola! I got my best top nine photos in this year 2018, but with a watermark on it.

6. I hit Save with watermark to see worse it may look. But still it brings up the below pop-up.

7. Now, I realised they may have sent an email. But didn’t get one as I checked immediately. During the end of the year they may have many requests and could delay as per Kevin Natanzon in this article.

After a while I received this email.

NOTE: You may or could find your email inside your Junk or Spam folder.

Here’s the screenshot of the email I received.

This is the Top Nine I received via email. Surprisingly no watermark!

You will have to later crop the image and post it on to your Instagram feed.

Before I could check my email I tried finding another app which could help me get this best nine photos immediately.

  1. I decided to look for other apps to see if I can get this immediately. I find Best Nine for Instagram.

2. Installed this app to check what options it had.

3. It brought up the years. I select the year 2018 and tap Get Started.

Brings up an advertisement, wait for the x to appear and tap it.

4. Logged in with my Instagram credentials.

5. Authorised the login.

6. Close the ad.

7. Got my top or best nine photos from the year 2018! Tapped Save.

8. Launch your Instagram app, and crop the photo so that you can see the grid right.

9. Ready to post.

10. Titles and hashtags (quite important).

Here’s how it looks:


Here are some Hashtags you can use and explore for this year 2018:



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