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How to get Dark Mode activated for Instagram on iPhone – 2019

by Antony Pratap
Activate Dark Mode in Settings in your iPhone

As you may be knowing, Apple has rolled out it’s Dark Mode on iOS 13 which has a cool look albeit it does not allow you to choose which app you prefer to have it in dark mode. They have updated the whole iOS including the apps. Instagram being one of it. I received the iOS update, which download, installed and turned the whole thing black. According to articles online, even Instagram had to be in Dark Mode, apparently it was not.

Note: Once you follow the steps below you will be able to get your Instagram to Dark Mode, but remember revert it back to it’s white interface is not easy or possible.

What did I do to get Instagram Dark Mode?

Firstly activate your Dark Mode on your iPhone with the new iOS 13. Check your Software Update in Settings.

Under Display & Brightness you have the two options. Tap Dark to change your iPhone to Dark Mode.

Light Mode, Dark Mode - iPhone Settings

You will now see a whole new interface which is Dark.

Activate Dark Mode in Settings in your iPhone

You can now tap on your Instagram icon to launch it. If you have your Automatic Updates On, then probably your Instagram app also would have been updated and it would be in Dark Mode.

If your updates are not On, then you will have to install the new version of Instagram which has the update. In my case it did not, and below is the screenshot.

Dark Mode On on iPhone screen

Instagram app which is the default.

Instagram not updated to get the Dark Mode ON

I go into App Store and Update my Instagram app on my iPhone.

Updating Instagram to get Dark Mode

You will also notice your Instagram with a new interface.

Instagram Dark Mode activated

You can get Instagram Dark Mode only if you have your iOS updated to iOS 13.1.2. If your iPhone is not able to update or has not got an update, you may have to upgrade the device.


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