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How to get started with Mobile or Smartphone Photography

by Antony Pratap
Smartphone photography tips

Lot of my friends have been asking me these questions:

how to get started in Mobile Photography?

i have an expensive smartphone with a good camera, how to take good photos?

my photos taken with my phone looks normal and flat, how to edit them better?

how to add watermark on my photos taken with my smartphone?

It’s pretty simple! If you are really interested in taking good photos using your mobile and not knowing what to do with them or not even knowing if you are doing it right, this post is for you.


1. SMARTPHONE: Get a smartphone that has a good camera. (or you may already own one)

Smartphone photography tips

2. SHOOT SHOOT SHOOT: Start taking photos when you travel. When you have leisure time. Keep shooting, with these Mobile Photography tips in mind.

Take a lot of pictures using your smartphone


a. Snapseed: is a powerful mobile or smartphone editing app for your photos by Google.

b. Adobe Lightroom: is a similar version to the desktop provided by Adobe.

Download smartphone photo editing apps

4. WATERMARK: If you are sharing them online, I suggest you watermark your photos.

Watermark photos taken with your smartphone

5. DOWNLOAD MOBILE PHOTO-SHARING APPS: Create social profiles with photography communities.

a. Instagram: is an online mobile photo-sharing platform that allows you to share your photos.

b. 500px: is a online photography community to showcase your photography.

c. Google+: is a social-network from Google, you can share your photos on this network.

Create social profiles for your photography

6. GET SOCIAL: Follow top mobile photographers for inspiration. Like, comment and show some love on their work.

Share your mobile photos with social websites

7. BLOG: Run a blog, write down your experience of how you made each photo. This itself is going to be a big inspiration for you in the long run. Share your social profiles in the blog, and follow others blogs.

a. WordpressWordpress is a free publishing-platform, you can create your blog in minutes.

b. Blogger:Blogger is brought to you by Google, allows you to create a unique and beautiful blog for free.

Blog about your mobile photography

7. BACKUP (very important): Don’t just leave the amazing photos you created in your mobile. Frequently take a backup of your photos on your computer / laptop or sync them with iCloud, Google Drive, Dropbox, et all. You may have them on your social profiles, but they are not original, they maybe compressed.

Don't forget to backup your mobile photos


8. PROTECT: Protect your smartphone with a good case to keep the camera lens safe.

Smartphone photography tips