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Turn your photo to old age using filter app – FaceApp

by Antony Pratap
FaceApp - turn your selfie into old age photo

Did you want to know how you looked when you are old, or in 2050? At least, the Internet is taken by storm where people are changing their current look (photo) into an age-old portrait using a kind of Artificial Intelligence-powered app, FaceApp.

There were times back then when we all have used a feature called Face Warp on our friends photos to blow out a nose big, or to shrink the jaw to get the alien look just for fun.

But today, looking at yourself old is trending and famous celebrities’ old age photos are going viral.

What is FaceApp?

FaceApp uses deep neural networks to transform faces to look old or young, add smiles, tattoos, glasses, beards, and more. This app is being developed in Russia which had gone viral in 2017. It is back again to go viral with the old yourself filter.

How do I download it and use it?

You go to App Store or Play Store and download the app onto your phone.

Download FaceApp and age your photo


Tap Next, to go through the preview of what it offers.

FaceApp - turn your selfie into old age photo

FaceApp - old age filter


You have premium features that may interest you. Although you can do it later. Tap Decline this offer to do it later.

FaceApp premium features


Tap OK to allow FaceApp to access the photo for which you wish to apply the old age filter.

FaceApp needs to access your photos


If you wish FaceApp to send you notifications tap Allow, else Don’t Allow.


Tap Allow to choose a photo from your photos or tap the camera icon to get a selfie or a new photo.

Change a photo to an old age


Choose the photo you wish to age.

Choose the photo you wish to apply the age old filter


You will now see the options at the bottom.

FaceApp options to become old or young


Tap Age, and don’t freak out.

Tap the Age option to see yourself old


I liked the young better. Below is with Young 2.

Turn yourself young using this filter


The Young filter makes you even younger. Clears out your skin even more, gives an uplift to your lips.

Young filter on FaceApp


Tap the Up arrow to share it, and down arrow to save a copy.



Here are some famous celebrity faces gone old:

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When you take a trip to the Year 3000.

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Ok. Enough now…

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A few overs played between this bunch.

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Let us know in the comments of how you look old.

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