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Samsung Galaxy A9 Quad Camera (4 cameras) 2018

by Antony Pratap

Do you use a lot of accessories on your smartphone camera to take different shots like portraits, group photos, wide landscapes?

Samsung has introduced to the world its number one quad camera smartphone Samsung Galaxy A9, to up skill your mobile photography skills.

Main Camera:

This is going to help you take photos which are sharp and has good details. You can take portraits, travel photos, etc, they have provided you with a 24 megapixels main camera with an aperture of f/1.7.

Ultra Wide Camera:

If you like wide angle photos, this camera is going to help you shoot landscapes, seascapes, large group photos, or wide photos of nature etc. they have provided you with a 8 megapixels ultra wide camera with an aperture of f/2.4 and 12mm wide.

Telephoto Camera:

When there is a challenge to not be able to get close to the subject or a thing to take a photo, this camera comes in to help you zoom in and get the right photo. They have provided you with a 10 megapixels telephoto camera with digital zoom up to 10x and optical zoom up to 2x.

Depth of field (Blur background):

For Depth-of-field, to be able to give a dreamy effect by blurring the background in your photo, you are given a 5 megapixels of depth camera!

What more can you ask for to start shooting magical photos.

3 colour variants

Bubble gum pink

4 cameras smartphone Samsung

4 camera mobile phone - Samsung Pink colour

Caviar Black

Smartphones 4 rear cameras black

Lemonade BlueMobile phone with more cameras


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Price of Samsung Galaxy A9 4 cameras

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