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Snapseed’s different Looks you can use to enhance your photo

by Antony Pratap

As you may already know, the latest version of Snapseed has different Looks (more like filters). I wanted to show you how each Look appears when used on a photo.

Photo taken with the Honor 6x (Dual camera mobile phone) and edited using Snapseed:

Honor 6x, dual camera under 15,000

– 12MP+2MP dual lens primary camera with auto focus camera.

– 8MP front facing camera with PDAF Focusing.



Snapseed editing app by Google


Snapseed is a photo-editing app for iOS and Android mobile phones that allows users to enhance, edit photos, and apply digital filters to get creative effects.



Here’s the original photo:

Snapseed's Looks or filters feature


Let’s have a look at the different Looks:


What I notice here is clearly this Look has applied a Vignette around the photo. Notice the edges in the photo how it has become dark bringing the subject to pop. I’m sure this Look would be apt for portraits.

Snapseed Looks explained


In this Look also, we notice that there is a slight vignette and it has made the photo smooth.

Snapseed Looks


Pop Look has increased contrast and structure, giving it a strong look, making the photo actually pop.

Snapseed Looks tutorial


Pop Look and Accentuate seem to be more or less similar, probably they could have different effects in other photos.

Looks tutorial in Snapseed

Faded Glow

Clearly this Look has given a Vignette around the photo, it has also brought down the greens and has applied a subtle tone giving it a dreamy feel. This Look also should be good for portraits.

Snapseed Looks tutorial


This is one of my personal Looks in Snapseed. As you can see, it has given it a warm feel like the morning sun. It has increased brightness and the colours.

Snapseed's creative Looks


This look increases the brightness around the edges of the photo. It has increased it using the Vignette feature.

Snapseed Bright look tutorials

Fine Art

This Look makes the photo monochrome. It also gives a dreamy feel to the photo.

Snapseed black and white filters or Looks


The Push look also makes the photo black and white, it also adds some grain to the photo giving it a filmy look.

Snapseed monochrome filters


This particular look first makes the photo monochrome and then it uses the Structure feature to add in some details.

Snapseed looks with Structure


This Look crates a ultra high contrast monochrome photo.

Snapseed tips

Later I used the Curves tool and Vignette to create the final image:

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