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Snapseed’s Healing brush tool to remove elements in a photo

by Antony Pratap
Snapseed's tips on Healing brush tool

The latest version of Snapseed has a powerful healing brush which acts as an eraser. You could use this tool to remove unwanted objects, subjects, anything you do not want in your photo.

You have to select the tool and with your finger just brush around the element (you will notice the area being selected in red), and let go. Viola! You would see the magic.

What it does is, it selects the area you choose, it then copies data/area that is similar to the nearby areas in that photo and pastes it on to the selected area making the object disappear. You may not get it right in the first time. But you always can undo what you did. You have to try it a few times until Snapseed gets it right.

Here’s a before and after using the healing brush to eliminate unwanted elements in the photo:

Note: this may not be the best of healing or removing unwanted elements, but the below photo is for illustration and learning purpose only.

Clean up your photo using Snapseed

Snapseed's tips on Healing brush tool

How did I do it:

1. Open the photo you wish to edit using your Snapseed app.

Open the photo to use the brush and heal

2. Tap the Tools to access the Healing.

(Remember Brush tool is not Healing, it is another tool by itself. Tap the Healing in this case)

Locate the Healing brush

3. You will have to just brush around the areas you don’t want in the photo.

Sometimes Snapseed may not clone it right, you can tap undo at the bottom and try again.

In the case below, it started drawing more lines, which is not the result we need. Tried again until I like the output.

Heal or spot repair

Rub on the areas to erase

Pinch out to zoom into the screen, so you could be more precise while you rub or brush across the screen. (This is another example)

Zoom in, and erase what you don't like

Just clone out what you don't like

4. Use the Fine Tune tool to enhance the photo.

Fine tune image after Healing

5. Tap the tick icon to apply, export the photo. That’s pretty much it.

Snapseed's tips on Healing brush tool


Download for Android phones.

Download for iOS (Apple phones).

Enjoy and happy editing! Show us your best Healing tricks 🙂


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