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What is Mobile Photography? Questions answered

by Antony Pratap
Mobile Photography questions

Mobile Photography – smartphones have allowed every one of us to create/make photos on the go!

1. What is mobile phone photography?

Photography isn’t like back in those days where, you think about the camera, films/rolls, darkroom, etc. In this digital sphere, we have left behind films, analog cameras, and more. Today, once you tap your camera icon on your mobile phone, you at least end up taking 10 photos at a time. Hence, if you take photos using a smartphone or a mobile phone it is termed to be mobile photography.

Though you don’t call photos taken with a GoPro to be GoPro photography or Canon photography, Nikon photography et al.

If you take photos using your mobile phone then it simply means you do mobile photography.

2. How do I become a mobile phone photographer?

Like most of them, you should also have a good mobile phone that can take sharp photos.

You have to work your way through by

  • taking a lot of photos,
  • reviewing the best,
  • editing a few,
  • showcasing them – on and on and on.

You can follow these simple steps to know more about mobile photography.

Create an account on Instagram, Facebook, VSCO, and other social platforms to showcase your work.

Share your photos online using social media profiles to showcase and get feedback.

Follow many inspirational artists and learn how they create.

It may take time and patience and a lot of photos to be recognized as a mobile photographer.

3. What is mobilegraphy?

Mobilegraphy: is the art of taking photos using your mobile phone (the camera which is with you at all times is the best one they say). After you take the photos you edit them using mobile apps to make a beautiful photo or art with it.

4. Is mobile photography a lens or a product?

Mobile photography means you simply take photos using the camera on your mobile phone. You also take different kinds of photos like wide-angle, fish-eye, and macro by using additional attachments/lenses, etc.

It is not termed as a thing or a product that you require to do mobile photography.

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